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Lulla Doll has taken the world by storm and we are thrilled to now have it available in this country.

The Lulla Doll was designed in Iceland and is a sleep companion for preemies, babies and toddlers. It imitates closeness to a care-giver with its soft feel of natural cotton and 8 hours of soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.

The LULLA doll was developed by an Icelandic mum Eyrun, who co-slept with her two young boys and could see the need for mums to have a break. Will LULLA only work for co-slept babies? No, white noise has long been used in the battle for sleep across all types of age groups and sleeping arrangements.

Lulla’s unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness to a care-giver improves sleep, wellbeing and safety. LULLA is unisex. The name LULLA means “nap” in Iceland. The only pink on LULLA is the lips and the heart outline which is where you press LULLA to activate the sounds.


  • What about SIDS? As per the SIDS guidelines, there is to be nothing in your babies sleeping environment up until the age of 12 months. LULLA has two Velcro tabs tucked away at the back that can be used to attached LULLA safely to the outside of the cot, bassinet etc until your baby is old enough to safely cuddle LULLA. LULLA plays at the optimum white noise sound level of 65 dBs so you baby will still be able to engage with Lulla’s sounds.
  • Is Lulla suited for my 0-12 month old? Yes, babies have sleep cycles (every 20-50 minutes in most cases) and when they wake during these sleep cycles, they either resettle of their own accord or they seek the same cues that put them to sleep in the first place. Quite often this is patting, shushing, rocking, feeding, dummy and the list goes on. It is VERY important that Lulla is included (with sounds on) in your normal bedtime routine whether that be feeding, rocking, reading, wrapping, dummy, shushing or patting. We need LULLA to become one of those sleep cues as most mums and dads are not there for every sleep cycle!
  • LULLA has been made of a special material so moms can “wear” Lulla to take on mommy’s or daddy’s smells, this is especially important for very young babies
  • Hear– When the chest is pressed, Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Her name is Gudrun, she is a dear friend, a mother of four and a Kundalini yoga teacher.
  • Look– Babies prefer to look at something that resembles a human face. The colours of the doll were chosen for the purpose of making the doll uni-sex and uni-race.
  • Touch– The outer layer is made from soft natural cotton. The filling is made from ultra-fine microfiber that is hypoallergenic.
  • Smell– The fabric of the doll can absorb smell from parents if they first keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for extra feeling of security.
  • Clean and safe– The doll is machine washable in warm water making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems

It took three years to develop and test Lulla and the doll was created using the advice of doctors, midwives, psychologists, engineers as well as numerous parent and baby testers. It has won many international awards and the response from parents all over the world has been incredible.


The aim of the Lulla Doll is to be a second best for babies whose parents need to be away for whatever reason.



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