Stokke Car Seat – the Izi Sleep and Izi Go

Stokke izi sleep and izi go

The Stokke Izi Sleep and Izi Go in action!

Wherever your travels take you, you want to make sure that your little one is safe and comfortable. The BeSafe® iZi line Stokke car seat feature models that are built to high safety standards and packed with convenient features. They truly make every outing simpler for you and more comfortable for your little one.

The Stokke Car Seat – Engineered for Easy Carrying and Comfort

The design experts at Stokke thought of everything when creating the Stokke car seat design. The models in the collection are incredibly streamlined and light in weight, so anyone can carry an infant in one with the utmost of ease.

Magnetic shoulder pads allow you to easily slip even the wriggliest of infants into the seats without any hassle, and you can easily adjust the height of the harnesses and head cushions to ensure that Baby feels secure and cozy while strapped inside his or her seat..

Unsurpassed Safety Features

With the Stokke car seat, you don’t have to compromise safety to enjoy the convenience of easy carrying. The seats are ECE R44-04 approved and include a standard 5-point safety harness that is easy for parents to use but not able to be unfastened by little fingers.

Expanded polystyrene foam is used to line the car seats, providing maximum protection from front and side impacts without adding bulk and weight to the seat. Installation is easy with standard 3-point safety seat belts found in today’s vehicles, or you can purchase an ISOfix base to snap the seat into when you’re ready to get on the road.

Baby in Stokke car seat

The 2 Stokke car seat compared

Stokke Izi Sleep and Izi Go compared

Two Innovative Car Seat Designs to Choose From

The Stokke car seat collection includes two innovative models. This gives you the flexibility to choose the design that is best for your family. For the lightest weight design, opt for the Stokke iZi Go X1, which weighs only 2.2 pounds (4.2 kilograms).

Want to make sure that your little one remains asleep when he or she dozes off in the car? The Stokke iZi Sleep X3 is the ideal solution with its specially designed base that allows babies to recline when outside of a vehicle. Both the Go X1 and Sleep X3 car seats are offered in an array of stylish colors to suit your tastes.


Effortless Integration with Stokke Travel Systems

Choose a Stokke iZi car seat, and you and your baby will be ready to roll when you reach your destination. The Go X1 and Sleep X3 car seats are fully compatible with today’s most popular Stokke models, including the Crusi, the Xplory and the Trailz.

The adapter-less design allows you to simply snap your Stokke car seat in place on the frame, and a safety indication assures you that you have the car seat fully secured to the stroller to guarantee your baby’s safety.

Stokke Isofix Base

The Stokke Izi Sleep Isofix Base is a quick and easy solution for attaching and detaching  your Izi Sleep car seat. The Isofix base secures to the Isofix connection points standard in almost every car, meaning your Izi Sleep is  fitted safely without having to worry about seatbelts!

Here is a video on the Isofix base..

From 2006 all new cars are equipped with ISOFIX, and ISOFIX is also fitted in a large number of car brands built prior to 2006.

Stokke IsoFix base

Stokke Isofix base

Treat Baby to the very best when it comes to safety and comfort and simplify each and every trip. Order the Stokke iZi Go X1 or Stokke iZi Sleep X3 by Be Safe today.

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